Satisfying vegans and non-vegans with healthy gluten free tasty products

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"If you’ve gone gluten-free, then you’ve discovered Chez Hedwige who somehow defies the odds by baked treats and breads that are devoid of soy, gluten and dairy and yet actually taste good." - P. Le Draoulec

“Light but quite a mouthful – definitely the perfect bite - not too sweet but hit the sweet spot!” - Kropsaxton 
Imagine having sweets without feeling guilty!

        We are an artisan small processor in the New York metro area that bakes for you in a gluten-free kitchen. Wholesome goods that are G-rated because we have the G-factor on our side, and that is:

  • Guilt-free delicacies, homemade style with high quality, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and mostly organic and natural ingredients for your sweet spot
  • Gourmet, sin-less treats made from scratch in small batches with you in mind​
  • Great service because we combine our passion, know-how, and our understanding of the challenges of a health-conscious diet to serve you
        Chez Hedwige’s goal is to satisfy both sensitive vegans and non-vegans with healthful tasty products as well as the health conscious just looking for that special treat.
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