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"Yummy & delicious gluten free products that are made with love and great quality.” – Maritza M

“Wouldn’t even know it was gluten free, it was delicious. Could really taste ingredients.” - J. Domingos


        Edwige Oriol, a passionate food artisan in New York, founded Chez Hedwige while managing her own health challenges.

        Named in honor of Edwige’s mom, Hedwige Kolbjornsen, Chez Hedwige is known for offering the hard to find combo of gluten, soy, corn and dairy free with healthy ingredients. Edwige successfully defies the odds by creating gluten, corn, soy, and dairy free breads, baked goods, and treats that actually taste yummy.

        Our products are made from scratch, in small batches, by hand in a dedicated gluten and soy free kitchen. They have no-GMO, premium, nutritious, organic and all natural ingredients, and without additives and preservatives.

        We spend time ensuring our ingredients are indeed soy and gluten free, not from bulk packages packed in gluten and soy facilities. We inquire about our ingredients to our distributors. We have declined acquiring some ingredients advertised as gluten free as we communicate with the suppliers; such as in this case: "Hi Edwige! Thank you for reaching out to us. Our Cream of Tartar is Non-GMO. Our Cream of Tartar meets the FDA guidelines for gluten-free. None of the equipment used in the production of Cream of Tartar comes in contact with gluten. However, it is packaged in a facility that also packages products containing gluten..." As such, we do not use their ingredients. We also had instances where we ended up paying double for the same size of a gluten free element to ensure it is not altered in packaging from its gluten free production facility.

        We have been serving people with certain diet needs including those with celiac.

        Chez Hedwige’s goal is to satisfy both sensitive vegans and non-vegans with healthful tasty products as well as the health conscious just looking for that special treat.

"I know the challenges and benefits of eating healthy." - Edwige Oriol, Founder of Chez Hedwige

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